Joe’s last letter (to our knowledge)

10929949_881188261933301_1716258593791601484_n Note the post stamp 2 Feb 1967 – the eve of Joe’s death
The last known correspondence from Joe to his final musical director Harvey Richards. The letter makes little sense, but clearly Joe is not a well man. Amazingly the envelope has survived showing the date and time. This was stored in a book for many years, until Harvey found it again.


Below six letters from Joe Meek to Roger Bruton in early 1966.

Roger has kindly given the Joe Meek Society permission to reproduce them here.
Roger worked for a short time with Joe as a Trainee Recording Engineer.



Below seven letters are from Joe Meek to The Tornados in the summer of 1966

Dear Tornados,
Just a line to wish you well I hope your ok, Peter tells me you are and the shows going very well. Harry Dawson is very pleased and I got a cheque for twenty pounds this week. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time.With luck the Telstar case could be over in November then I shall by your disc in. Harry Dawson has not been round to hear it I think I rave about every disc and this time he’s only expecting a good one not a really great one. I think it’s a sure hit this time, I hope so it would be wonderful for us all.I’ve got Eric to bring mum up here next Sunday for the day, it will do us both good, I’m very run down with worry over the company and the muck Shanks has put me in, I can’t really turn to any one except my folks and you but give me a few more weeks and I should be on my feet again.I found the instruction book for the projector it could help you and the link with its tape machine you could have a lot of fun with loads of sound affects, by time I want it back you’d be able to by a good Japanese one with built in sound everything, there about a hundred and fifty pound so you by it on the hire purchase.   That fete at Cinderford with you is the best time I’ve had this year it seems crazy to always be working and not even getting the money, still you live and learn, I think were destined to be a success together and must always stick together, and bring up the problems when they come along.Although I had a go in the last letter we have a learned from the mix up, and everything you have done so far has been good and getting better, I can’t ask for more.Well I’ll get a tape to you soon and the exact release date, if you have a séance  try to get through to me, I’m up till about 1 each morning ask that I get three taps on the sideboard. I’ll ask for the same, you must be sincere and believe, I’m sure this big company sort out is for the best and I’m guided in lots of things I do, not to be selfish is the thing.My best wishes to you all, keep up the good work,   God bless, Sincerely.  Joe.

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Dear Tornados,I was great to be able to talk to you again, if only over the phone, you gave me a lift, with your kindness and sincere wish for me to spend a few days in Blackpool. I will do my best in the next few weeks, as I will not be able to take a vacation this year, and a few days with you all, I would enjoy, as I like you, and why I don’t know I think you think something of me.Well EMI has promised a top play on your disc, and the release date should be August the 15th, the delay has been over a big change around there, it could be better for plays from now on, I’ve put seagulls on the A side which is now called “Carry On Pirates” It will be flogged by the pirates of course. I put a little more organ and gitar on it and cut out the verse we left for a mad gitar break, I couldn’t find a mad guitarist to do it, the better side for your stage act is the B side it’s just a bit to the same but the end talkie bit still makes me laugh, and after 373 plays, so it must be funny, who’s counting,(Well some people do?).        Try and put some funny ideals on your tape machine to have a go with when your back in London.  That Robb should have been a comedian, a churchyard attendant, or a carpet salesman, David should get a decent organ, John should not worry when I moan to much, or it will turn his hair white, and Pete and Roger, I’m frightened to say anything about or they’ll set about me.
Once again I can’t put into words my admiration for you all, I hope one day soon through all our efforts you will hit the top of the charts, and I know  this must happen if you keep praying and stay as great as you are as people, then the tables will turn, and what a difference, all the digs will stop, but I was very pleased some one spit on the floor when your name was mentioned, it means you’re a worry, your going over better, it’s a strange world, keep together, look after each other, don’t lissen to to many others  with an axe to grind, and if anything should go to far wrong, I’ll sort it out try to be nice to every one, pass the can on to me, I hope you won’t spit on the floor, if you have to, do it in the wings or behind the curtains, I hope I’m not around.
Anyway I make a joke of a few things, but you know my heart is in my words to you, keep up the fine work. I know it’s not easy, but it’s worth it, don’t forget my belief, the more good you can do for others, the more comes back to you one day, if it’s only a thank you, from your friend             God bless, sincerely, Joe

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