The Joe Meek Society (formerly Joe Meek Appreciation Society) was telstarbkformed in the early nineties to remember and celebrate the music and life of legendary sixties record producer and song writer Joe Meek.

The society is dedicated to keeping Joe Meek’s name and his musical legacy alive.  Whether you are a confirmed Meek buff or seeking information on Joe, his life, times and music you are welcome to contact or join us.

cardWe welcome media enquiries and try to respond the same day, we have many Meekologists and experts available for information or interviews.



Purpose Of The Society: The Society exists to further the interest in the music created by Joe Meek, and to keep his memory alive. It aims to bring together those interested in Joe’s music, to help them collect records he produced and to draw the attention of the public at large to the tremendous contribution Joe made to popular music. It also aims to bring together Joe’s former artistes in reunions, memorial shows etc and to actively push to get the sounds produced by Joe reissued, and to secure the release of unissued material.

Membership Conditions: Membership is open to anyone interested in Joe Meek’s music or his activities in Popular Music and associated artistes, subject to the payment of an annual subscription charge or to granting of Honorary Membership by the Committee to anyone who has contributed exceptionally to perpetuating the memory of Joe Meek and / or his music. Membership is open to all, irrespective of race, colour, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, age, employment or political persuasion.

Services To Members: Members will be entitled to receipt of publications produced by the Society, which will consist of magazines circulated free of charge, and to other publications so produced and announced from time to time at a reduced charge. Area meetings where members can exchange ideas, help each other obtain records and meet socially, will be arranged free of charge. Members will also gain reduced admission to any events, for example concerts, organised by the Society. The Society will also assist its members in obtaining Joe Meek’s productions.

Committee: A committee shall be appointed with executive powers to administer the Society, containing (at least) a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Magazine Editor, Researcher and Archivist, Press and Publicity Officer. Other officers may be appointed as deemed necessary, and co-opted by the existing committee. All fully paid-up Society members (or Honorary Life Members) will be eligible for election to the Committee, providing their standing for election has been properly nominated and seconded by two other members.

Annual General Meeting: An AGM shall be held to direct and assess the Society’s performance. The venue and date will be at The Committee’s discretion

Accounts: All income and expenditure pertaining to the Society, which MUST be supported by proper receipts, bank statements etc., must be controlled by the Treasurer and submitted, duly audited, to the AGM.

Policy, Publicity and Press: A common policy must be mutually agreed by the Committee regarding the liaison between the Society and the Press, for example Radio and TV Shows relating to Joe Meek and / or his music. Any member breaching this rule will be liable to proscription from the Society.

Arrangement of Meetings,etc : As far as possible, all members will be notified of coming meetings, events etc, through The Society’s website and magazines produced by The Society at least 14 days before they take place. As membership grows, area groups will be set up to encourage the exchange of ideas, social gatherings etc. (see Rule 3) in other parts of the country, with Area Group Leaders being appointed to direct localised activities. Such Group Leaders will be answerable to the Executive Committee, whose approval MUST be given to any important decisions regarding the Society’s policy.

Proscription of Members: Any member who breaches rules of membership (particularly Rule 7) or whose behaviour or appearance in any way embarrasses or outrages the general membership shall be proscribed from membership. Any member who misuses the Society’s name or is found to misuses the Society’s assets, name or reputation for his or her own ends will also be proscribed from membership.

Archives: It is desirable for the Society to establish an archive of RGM/Joe Meek productions, in record or tape form, for everyone’s mutual benefit, with the ultimate goal of obtaining as much original material e.g. RGM Master Tapes) as possible. The Society’s archivist will direct this work, in which all will be encouraged to join.


We have a really dedicated team working for the Joe Meek Society. As a result, our committee as at April 2023 consists of the following personnel:

  • Ollie Barlow – Chairman
  • Alan Blackburn – Vice Chairman
  • Craig Newton – Thunderbolt Editor
  • Paul Moy – Editor of Joe Meek And Beyond Digital Publications
  • Craig Newton – Facebook Admin/Radio Library & Joe Meek Channel
  • David Nevols – Treasurer / Secretary
  • Post Vacant – Website Admin
  • Andy Knott – Membership Secretary
  • Steve Nash – Back Issues
  • Darren Vidler – DVD shop

Every year we hold an AGM and sometimes have a musical evening at the same event.