APRIL 2020


We intend to set 10th April 2021 as the date for our AGM and entertainment at Newent.


My name’s Chris Riley. I’m from County Durham. My friend, Simon Allison, and I have set up a small independent record label at the back end of last year. Nice Mind Records is the name of our record label. We set up properly as a label in November last year. I say properly, we’re putting more effort in, at least. We’ve put out about a dozen releases since then, mostly of acts that we’re involved in. The website’s address is with links to the acts involved presently.

At the start of the year Simon’s son, Oscar, suggested that we do a podcast of music that we like to help generate a bit of interest in the label, so we’ve been giving it a go.
The first episode was on the theme of Space. I picked a few songs, and Simon picked a few songs. One of the songs I picked was Telstar, the definitive space pop hit which we opened the first show with. After we recorded the podcast we had a think on about what to call the podcast series. A kitchen drawer is the sort of thing you find odds and ends in, so that was an idea and then I suggested what about Joe Meek’s Kitchen Drawer cos he is an inspirational figure.
We’re three episodes in now. I was wondering if you would be interested in listening to episode 2 which we called the Eponymous Episode as Joe Meek features heavily a lot in that. Maybe you would be so kind to give the episode a share as something that your followers may be interested in hearing?

Link to all 3 current podcasts>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

One of my Facebook friends in Australia commented saying that he had never heard of him and he’s been looking into him and what an interesting character he has found him to be with an incredible story.
Also, Simon has sort of adapted Telstar in a theme tune by mixing it with recordings made by one of our acts The Support Band. Maybe Joe would approve?

At the very least I hope you enjoy the show. We had a lot of fun making it. Beyond this episode there is not really any connection to Joe Meek other than aspiring to his authentic spirit of enterprise that we aim to take into our endeavours.

Kindest regards

Chris Riley


In keeping the name of Joe very much alive the band’s I play in like to do covers of songs he produced or wrote.
Currently I play in  a skiffle / early rock ‘n’ roll band called “The TR5’s” and because of the current Covid-19 situation our singer Rusty has just recorded a video (which we will be uploading to our Facebook page sometime soon) of our version of Heinz’s ‘Just Like Eddie’.

I thought I would send it you guys as well, perhaps you might like to put it on your website, or Facebook page ?

All the best,
The TR5’s


Greetings fellow lovers of that singular genius of British pop! My name is Adam Elkhadem, and I’m an artist and amateur archivist. Over the past couple years I have made it my mission to transcribe the lyrics to ALL of the songs produced by Joe Meek, and believe I have accomplished as much as I can do by myself, based on what audio recordings I have access to. It seems that nobody appreciates my countless hours of labour on this absolutely gigantic undertaking, but I thought you would. To be clear: I have transcribed hundreds of songs across Joe Meek’s career as a producer.

I have uploaded all the lyrics I have transcribed to, and they can be accessed by anyone. The link is below:

I really hope that you can get some use out of all my efforts.


The statue for Joe Meek is currently going through talks with the Council and there will definitely be a statue, it’s just the case of getting together to discuss the final details and I’m sure we’re all aware of how long these things can take but I have been assured that there is no need for anyone to be concerned re the length of time it’s all taking.
As for the ‘Go Fund Me’ link, nothing will be put into action until I’ve had the meeting with the Council and I have all that I need to know, then the sculpture can get to work with his creativity.
Hopefully, I can give everyone a further update as soon as I have the go-ahead from the meeting, and hoping everyone will kindly get involved with the ‘Go Fund Me’ so that hopefully the statue will be erected as soon as financially possible.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Pete Rochford ~ JMS Chairman


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triumphsmeekandwild THE TRIUMPHS – MEEK AND WILD

CD 24 Tracks with 12-page booklet

1. Meeksville 2. Telstar 3. Runaway 4. Husky Team 5. North Wind 6. Eye Of The Storm 7. Wild Wind 8. M25 9. Green Jeans 10. All Shook Up 11. Wipeout 12. Here Come The Good Times 13. He’ll Only Hurt You 14. Loneliness 15. Sunday Date 16. Dreaming Of You 17. Heart Of A Teenage Girl 18. Teardrops Fall Like Rain 19. Big Jim 20. The Coalman’s Lament 21. Night Of The Vampire 22. Jack The Ripper 23. Little Sister (Live) 24. Have I The Right (Live) This is The Triumphs’ tribute to the work of famed record producer Joe Meek. Joe recorded many styles of music and ‘Meek and Wild’ offers a ‘jukebox’ full of great sounds, both vocal (15 tracks) and instrumental.(9 tracks).

In addition to popular chart toppers like Telstar and Have I The Right, the spotlight also falls on rarities such as Ray Dexter’s The Coalman’s Lament and, from the Tea Chest tapes, Geoff Goddard’s Here Come The Good Times. There are five original tracks, all inspired by the work of Joe Meek.

The Triumphs (Rob Bradford, Trev Faull, Ken Ledran and Ray Liffen) have as their special guest Dave Kaye, who recorded with Joe Meek. One of Dave’s tracks is He’ll Only Hurt You, a powerful ballad which he recorded with Joe, but which was never released at that time. Now you can hear it in a brand new arrangement with Dave backed by The Triumphs.

The album’s 12-page booklet includes descriptions of all the tracks and pictures of the band with many of the original Joe Meek artists that they have had the privilege of working with, including Clem Cattini, Dave Kaye, Malcolm Lenny (The Packabeats), Ray Dexter, Bobby Rio and Danny Rivers.

UK £9.99 including postage and packing Europe £12.50 including postage and packing Americas, Africa, Asia £13.50 including postage and packing Australia, New Zealand £13.80 including postage and packing

Go to The Triumphs web site to purchase securely through logo_paypal_212x56

Now also available on-line at Bim Bam Records and Leo’s Den

Other methods of payment:

Pay by cheque (drawn on UK bank) made payable to ‘R. Liffen’ and sent to 24 Dalmeny Road, Carshalton, SM5 4PP U.K Pay manually Paypal to

The album is also available as a digital download at many outlets including

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