Paul Moy’s Joe Meek And Beyond Digital Publications are free – although Paul has ceased publication due to health problems. Paul is happy to email PDF copies of any of his 5+ years of publications – everything is completely free of charge – use our Contact Form to notify us. 

THE FINAL HONEYCOMBS PUBLICATION FROM PAUL MOYlongsharew2016The final Honeycombs publication, 50-page Long To Share It Winter 2016, produced with help from others, will be sent out to everyone on my mailing list on Saturday, 5 November. It is dedicated to Martin Murray, for without his active support over the years I doubt whether such a long run of fanzines would have been possible. In addition to some original material and stunning photographs, there is also an updated UK discography which – for the first time – indicates the rarity factor of many enigmatic items.PAUL R. MOY
NORTH YORKSHIRE UK NEWS FROM PAUL MOYDear Honeycombs Fan / Joe Meek Society member.Due to an eye problem which has recently developed, severely restricting my computer work, I have been forced to relinquish the forthcoming joint-editorship of Thunderbolt.   Before making this announcement, I – naturally – had to inform Rob Bradford of my heartbreaking decision.There are only two items in the pipeline:  The Honeycombs UK Discography 2017 edition, and final issue of The Honeycombs Newsletter.  Both are fairly well advanced; but these will now be completely different than originally planned.  I shall leave Mark Newson to provide a tribute, in next February’s Thunderbolt, on the 50th anniversary of Joe Meek’s death.  Echoing the very first Honeycombs fanzine back in August 2011, I am intending to incorporate the updated UK discography into a one-off Long To Share It dated Winter 2016 (publication date not yet decided).  Two regular contributors, Alan Frenshaw and Brian Perkins, have offered to help where necessary.All my Thunderbolt work, including contributions already in hand, are going to be passed over to Rob or the new editor / joint-editor.  Remaining a member of The Joe Meek Society, I do hope to be able to contribute myself in the future.  The good news is that Mark Newson is continuing as editor, at least for one further issue – No. 80 June 2017.Please rest assured that there are still going to be postings on my Facebook page where I will endeavour to continue providing new pictures, etc., whilst also having more time to listen to my CDs!My thanks for everyone’s support over the past five and a half years.

NORTH YORKSHIRE UKTHE HONEYCOMBS OVERSEAS DISCOGRAPHYThe 44-page 2017 edition of The Honeycombs Overseas Discography presents the group’s dedicated releases in alphabetical order by country: 25 in total, from Australia to Venezuela. A basic listing for Japan has been included, although the more comprehensive 16-page The Honeycombs Japanese Discography 2016 edition is also available. Every picture sleeve is illustrated, and with a plethora of new discoveries – some incredibly rare, this has possibly been the most ambitious project ever undertaken in the 5 years since these publications started.Sent out to everyone on my mailing list on Sunday, 2 October 2016.Paul Moy – Editor of Joe Meek And Beyond Digital PublicationsTHE HONEYCOMBS SCRAPBOOKThe latest from Joe Meek and Beyond Digital Publications is 24-page The Honeycombs Scrapbook comprising selected cuttings mainly from New Musical Express and Record Mirror plus a few other music papers – covering the period 1964 to 1992. In many cases they have been scanned directly from original issues, and are at the mercy of the type of paper used – in the case of New Musical Express being newsprint, which has a tendency to “brown” over the years. Due to the attachment size being 13.6 MB, which is much too large for many email addresses, I am not mailing it out in the normal way. A copy is, therefore, only available upon request.Just contact us with your email address if you want a copy.Regards
There are 5 World Exclusives: headlining article – exhaustive new research by John Pickford on “Have I the Right?” pressings; demo cut by The Sheratons at Pye in 1963; a certain notorious DJ getting a slap before live Top of the Pops; four pages with eight previously unseen pictures; date of Honeys final recording session. Also: revised release date of HITR; fan’s diary from 29 August 1964 for Hastings Pier gig; unreleased HITR EP; The Big Show [Australia], January 1965; Honeymail – 2 pages of emails; Thunderbolt contact details; Joe Meek on BBC Radio Bristol; The Honeycombs post-MK III [revisited from Long To Share It July 2012]; Joe Meek 50th anniversary charity event 3 February 2017. All this contained in 24 packed pages!!The final issue of the fanzine is going to be a 50-pager dated 3 February 2017; but before then the overseas section of The Honeycombs Discography comes out. For the first time, it will be presented alphabetically by country – starting with Australia (excluding Japan which has already been published seperately). Altogether around 25 countries, including some very rare items from places like Iran, Poland and Venezuela you may not have known existed.It’s free – just let us know you want it.NEWS FROM PAUL MOY – EDITOR OF JOE MEEK AND BEYOND DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS (AND SOON JOINT EDITOR OF THUNDERBOLT)longshareaug2016The five years just gone was an amazing time for fans of the group! It all started in August 2011 with the launch of Long To Share It: The Honeycombs Magazine, eventually succeeded by The Honeycombs Newsletter. Previously unknown recordings and an incredible number of new pictures were discovered. In 2014, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of “Have I the Right?” reaching No. 1. Recently, there has been the release of Martin Murray’s critically acclaimed 304 Holloway Road Revisited – the first new album from The Honeycombs since 1965.With regret, The Honeycombs Newsletter ceases publication in February 2017 as after that date a new position of joint editor of Thunderbolt: The Joe Meek Society Magazine beckons. Mark Newson’s final issue is for the 50th anniversary of Joe Meek’s death, a poignant time for him to be handing over the reins after 20 years as editor. I am being joined by Rob Bradford, the JMS Chairman, and together – with his Joe Meek expertise plus my publishing skills – we intend to bring out something on the lines of The Honeycombs fanzines. To prepare for the changeover, and in effect being trial runs, you will notice the final Newsletters looking a little different in places. An extra Summer 2016 issue is coming out shortly. As The Honeycombs are going to be well represented, can I recommend joining The Joe Meek Society if not already done so? It costs from as little as £10 (digital subscription), and full details are on this web site. You receive a bi-monthly Newsletter plus three issues of Thunderbolt each year (dated February, June and October). Exclusive DVDs – many with Honeycombs content – may also be bought by members.In addition to Thunderbolt, Joe Meek and Beyond Digital Publications intends to continue with updated editions of The Honeycombs Discography – the latter still free of charge to fans whether a member of The Joe Meek Society or not. Here are some highlights from the past five years:longshar1mcoxdirlongshareaugustglendazinehoneysummer2015honeyapril2016 honeycpm2016 honeycomp honeycompjun15 honeydec2015 honeydisc honeydiscsep2016 honeyjan2013 honeyjan2015 honeyjul2013honeymarch2015honeymarch2016honeymay2013honeynewsaprilhoneynewsfeb2013honeynewsjan2013honeynewsjun2016honeypenhoneysep2015honeyomblongsharejan2013longshareoct2013longsharesep13longshiremarch2014longtoshareaugust2013honeyoct14longshareapril13gcdiscohoneynewssep14honeymay2015honeyaugust2015 honeyjuly2015honeyfeb15

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The September 2016 and penultimate issue of The Honeycombs Newsletter was sent out over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

As an extra to the September 2016 issue of The Honeycombs Newsletter being sent out on Sunday, 28 August – Honey Lantree’s birthday, I am including a copy of Have I The Right… To Murder?. This is a mystery story written by yours truly some years ago, now re-published by Joe Meek and Beyond Digital Publications with striking new artwork. D.I. Peter Morton investigates poison pen letters circulating in a Sussex village. I have been told by several eminent writer friends that it is very Midsomer Murders.