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Q. Did Joe Meek use the same girls as backing singers on most of his recordings?
The girls that sing on Johnny Remember Me and Walk with my Angel and many many others.
If he did, who were they?

A. Lissa Gray was responsible for the haunting backing cries on Johnny Remember Me but almost every girl singer who worked at the studio may have been used as a session singer for any of Joe Meek’s recordings. Examples being Kim Roberts and Vivienne Chering who was Flip of Flip and the Dateliners. The Ladybirds worked with Joe and they became the Sharades and of course they were an offshoot of the Vernons Girls who also worked with Joe. The Vernon Girls themselves worked with Joe.There was Diana Parry- Husbands of Diana and the Javelins and of course there were the Fletchers who sang the backing to Cry My Heart and they were Guy, Ted and Babs Fletcher. There was also Sue and Sunny who later backed the Love Affair on Rainbow’ Valley. It is possible that Pamela Blue also sang backing vocals.

answered by Meekologist Ken Ledran